Key Elements


Mentoring reflects the commitment to service, and the relationships built by our mentors are essential to our success. Mentoring, Media.

Tutor Training

All coaches and community center coordinators attend a workshop taught by our coordinator and one of our reading specialists. This workshop focuses on the goals and methods of the program. All student-athletes attend a one hour training session, presented by their school’s reading specialist, to communicate helpful strategies to improve the skills of our young readers. At each of the mentoring sessions, the reading coordinator is available as a resource for our mentors.

Readers Are Leaders


In striving for excellence, it is critical to evaluate the success of our program in a variety of ways as we strive for excellence. We visit a number of our schools and community centers each year as well as solicit feedback from our educators, students, and parents. We also collect and evaluate the November and June reading test results for as many of our young students as possible.

Enrichment Activities

Away from the reading table, the mentors and their elementary school partners also share experiences such as attending a high school game or a family night dinner or traveling to cultural events, restaurants, bowling, movies, and other sporting events. During the last session, the mentors and reading students are rewarded with a party, and each receives a certificate of participation. Each mentor also presents his or her reading buddy with a medal of success.

Book Donations

We work with teachers and reading specialists in each of our schools to choose books that will engage struggling readers and also match their reading abilities. Books for our Kids.

Team Donations

Each team’s program receives a donation to defray the cost of supplies and equipment or to help pay the travel, food, and lodging expenses for a holiday tournament. Such events broaden the experience of our student athletes and can help them develop.

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