Ken Culbert Elementary School enjoys their RAL partnership with LVHS Girls' Varsity BB Team!

This year, at Culbert, we focused our RAL Program on second grade! We have seen huge improvements in students' reading in just a short amount of time- even with SNOW days. For example, our focus group of 24 students increased their ability to recognize word patterns and to decode words in isolation quickly by 38% as indicated on PALS Quick Checks and Mid-year PALS Testing! This was an area of weakness at the beginning of the year for this group and now, they are feeling successful and take risks more readily! This ability to decode is transferring over into the application of reading materials as our students are consistently moving forward in reading levels as indicated on our data collection. The Rigby leveled books RAL purchased for the program were perfect to use for practice as they were accurately leveled for our at-risk readers and included many of the words practiced in isolation! :) We love our RAL Program and believe it has positively impacted the reading successes of our at-risk students. We would like to continue our partnership in the future! :)

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