Moorefield Station Elementary

In our first year working with the Readers Are Leaders program at Moorefield Station Elementary we worked with the cheer squad from our feeder high school, Briar Woods. We completed a training session and then assigned cheerleaders to students from grades K, 1, and 2. The first session was an “ice breaking” session. The cheerleaders brought some their own favorite children’s books to read with their buddies. Many also brought photographs, awards, etc. as a way to introduce themselves to their buddies. One of the cheerleaders came with a big book on the first day. When we peeked around the book, it was so sweet to see her and her buddy laughing and talking as they were reading. At our celebration session, the cheerleaders created and performed a reading cheer for the students. Many of the teachers commented that their students really enjoyed going to read with the cheerleaders and getting a new book to add to their home library. We are planning on continuing the program next fall as we feel it helps to emphasize the fact that we are a community of readers.

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Briar Woods Cheer Team

The Briar Woods cheer team worked with kindergardeners- 2nd graders at Moorefield elementary. Although this was a project we took on to help elementary school children; I believe the High school cheerleaders actually learned more than they taught! At the conclusion of our session, many of my kids expressed to me how much they enjoyed working with the elementary students and that they are interested in teaching school as a profession.

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